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Cold Cups & Lids

Eco Friendly Takeaway Cups & Lids

When your cold drinks are selling fast in those warmer months BioPak's biodegradable and eco friendly cold cups are the most practical, convenient and hygienic option for serving takeaway cold drinks. Conventional single-use cold cups like plastic drinking cups, plastic-lined paper milkshake cups, and disposable smoothie cups, are made from fossil fuels. After a short useful life of approximately 20 minutes, conventional disposable cups will most likely end up in landfill where it will take decades to breakdown, releasing greenhouse gases in the process.

We offer a range of eco friendly cold cups suitable for a range of cold beverages, and can even be used to package takeaway muesli and fruit salads. Our clear cold cups are made from Ingeo™ –  a plant-based plastic – offer a more sustainable alternative to plastic drinking cups. Just like traditional plastic cups with lids, they are perfectly clear and sturdy, performing excellently when serving cold food and drinks. Our clear bioplastic cups are the first and only products of the kind certified to Australian/New Zealand commercial compost standards – AS4736. Plus, the carbon footprint of producing Ingeo™ bioplastic is up to 75 percent smaller than conventional plastics such as PET.

A sustainable alternative to disposable drink cups, made from plant-based plastics or sustainably sourced paper, with options available for all cold serving needs.