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  • Recyclable Cup Trays

  • BioPak's biodegradable cup trays are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper pulp further reducing the need for virgin material stocks to be used in the supply chain. Available in two and four compartment configurations, these trays are sturdy and unlike cardboard, do not require assembly. Plus, the nesting design ensures they take up very little space. Very cost and time effective compared to other cardboard carry tray products that require staff to construct/fold each tray before use.

  • Suited for use with both the paper hot/cold cups as well as all of the clear bioplastic cold cups and available in small carton quantities to reduce the need for storage space. Perfect for your customers on their office coffee run or just buying multiple beverages. They are home compostable and recyclable. Compost them and contribute to the circular economy by retaining some of the value in the material and returning it to soil so more trees can be grown.

    • 2 Cup Tray - 500 per carton
    • 4 Cup Tray - 300 per carton
  • Make the switch today and choose to serve something made from 100% post consumer recycled paper.  Be sure to let your customers know, they will surely appreciate it. Help preserve the environment with Planet Friendly Packaging's compostable packaging options.