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  • Sugarcane Bowls

  • Sugarcane BioBowls are tree-free – made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – and certified home compostable. Available in five sizes with a range of leak-proof lid options, these containers are sturdy and versatile, grease and water resistant and can handle a wide variety of hot and cold foods. Available for both in-house and takeaway service.  

  • The two smaller 12oz and 16oz bowls are great for small meals/entrees in a food market environment where a lid is not necessary. The larger 24oz, 32oz and 40oz have three lid options; flat sugarcane lid, flat or dome conventional plastic lid. The larger bowls also come in BioPak's sugarcane colour options; white for that clean look or natural brown. Easily stackable for safe transport by customers or food delivery services like UberEats, DeliverRoo, Menu Log etc.

  • Suitable for hot or cold use, many of our customers use them for serving curries, laksa's, soups, Thai salads, stir fry's and more. Your customers will appreciate the option to recycle the plastic lids and either compost or recycle the bases through curb-side collection or a commercial composter. Make the switch to sugarcane today and support your industry's transition to more sustainable materials and practices.