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  • Paper Lunch Boxes

  • BioPak's biodegradable paper lunch boxes are another great option for takeaway meal service. There are seven different products to choose from; three sizes of boxes with clear PLA windows for cold use only as well as four sizes of boxes without windows for hot or cold use.

  • They provide a sturdy and reliable method for securely delivering meals to your customers, with confidence they will stay in their containers until ready to be eaten. The boxes with windows are ideal for serving pre-made salads and work great in display cases. The regular boxes are also good for salads and cold meals but can also be used for hot meals that aren't too wet (no soups or runny curries).

  • BioBoard lunch boxes are available in a range of sizes and are suitable for a wide variety of food types. Made from FSC® certified paper, with the window and waterproof lining made from Ingeo™ – a bioplastic product derived from plants not oil – these containers are commercially compostable and recyclable in most kerb-side recycling (like milk cartons). Make the switch today to BioPak's BioBoard biodegradable paper lunch boxes. Your customers will appreciate your support for the environment and love your great looking packaging.