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  • Paper Sandwich Wedges

  • Our biodegradable sandwich wedges are great for serving pre-made sandwiches from a cold or display case. They look great and are as environmentally friendly as you can get. The sturdy design is perfect for keeping sandwiches fresh and features a kraft-look exterior. The clear bioplastic window provides ample space for customers to see the contents of the sandwich while maintaining a secure container for food on the go.

  • Made from FSC® certified paper with a clear window made from Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants not oil. Your customers will immediately recognise the eco friendly nature of their sandwich box by their appearance and their texture. The paper board is rough like all of our other BioBoard products which most people associate with a less processed material and therefore more environmentally friendly.

  • The BioPak logo can be easily found on the bottom corner of the product so anyone paying attention will know they are holding something planet friendly and compostable. Why serve your pre-made sandwiches in anything else? Our biodegradable sandwich wedges are competitively priced and the most sustainable product of its type in the market place. Make the switch today, your customers will appreciate it and the planet will too.