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  • Sugarcane Takeaway Bowls

  • Our sugarcane takeaway bowls are great for serving curries, rice dishes, laksa's, soups, raman and more and are perfect for food deliveries.

  • Sugarcane BioBowls are tree-free – made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – and certified home compostable. Available in five sizes with a range of leak-proof lid options, these containers are sturdy and versatile, grease and water resistant and can handle a wide variety of hot and cold foods.

  • Sugarcane pulp is a more sustainable and healthier material for both humans and the planet compared to styrofoam and plastic. Our sugarcane pulp products will biodegrade in both a compost environment and worm farm – returning valuable nutrients back into the soil. The rate of decomposition depends on the temperature, turnover rate and moisture content of the compost pile. Products will biodegrade much faster if they are shredded into smaller pieces. Sugarcane pulp will biodegrade at the same rate as other fibrous garden waste in a home composting system. 

  • In addition to the environmental benefits, sugarcane food service packaging is sturdy and functional, with a high resistance to grease and water. They are microwave and oven safe up to 220ºC for 20 minutes. Suitable for hot/cold foods and liquids.