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  • Art Series Cups

  • BioPak's Art Series biodegradable hot cups are great for serving coffee to your thirsty customers. They provide extra insulation for takeaway hot beverage service. Double wall hot cups have a slightly higher environmental impact than single wall cups but are still made from FSC certified, responsibly sourced paper and lined with compostable bioplastic. These coffee cups are 100% recyclable and are being recycled by forty councils across Australia, including Brisbane City Council. 

  • BioPak's double wall cups are completely carbon neutral from cradle to grave and have been certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute.  All CO2 emissions have been accounted for and are offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

    Providing extra insulation with slightly higher environmental impact compared to single wall takeaway coffee cups

    all lined with Ingeo™ bioplastic made from plants, not oil.

  • Available in loads of different colour options with various sizings to suit both of the uni-lid arrangements we offer.  You can use just the one lid for either of the three following size ranges:

    • 4oz  takes the small 4oz sipper lids
    • 6oz - 8oz  - 12oz(80mm)  takes the smaller 80mm lid
    • 8oz(90mm) - 12oz (90mm) - 16oz. takes the larger 90mm lid
  • Colour Options: Art Series cartons come with 2-3 different designs in each box. The designs are updated every two months so your customers will never get bored of the one cup design. They are continually rotated to keep your takeaway coffee's looking fresh. If you serve three sizes of coffee that means you could have up to 9 different prints on hand at any one time.

  • Do yourself and your customer a favour and make the switch to these biodegradable hot cups today. We also provide a free branding stamp that works well on the single wall cups if you are looking for a low cost option for some easy, extra marketing for your business.