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Single Wall Hot Cups & Lids

  • Biodegradable Coffee Cups

  • BioPak's single wall biodegradable coffee cups are great for serving coffee to your thirsty customers. The single wall paper cups are the more environmentally friendly alternative to double wall cups. They represent a 55% reduction in paper board used, 44% less paper weight, 29% smaller cartons and an overall 20% reduction in carbon footprint when compared to our double wall cups. They are also more cost effective as much less material is being used to create them.

  • Most of our customers agree that they are saving tonnes of money by double cupping the single wall cups for those very particular customers that want their coffee piping hot or a take away tea. BioPak biodegradable coffee cups are available in loads of different colour options with various sizings to suit both of the uni-lid arrangements we offer. You can use just the one lid for either of the two following size ranges:

    • 6oz - 8oz - 10oz - 12oz (80mm) take the smaller 80mm lid

    • 8oz (90mm) - 12oz (90mm) - 16oz take the larger 90mm lid

  • Biodegradable Coffee Cups Colour Options:

  • Plain White - Kraft Brown w/ Green StripeBiopak Branded - White w/ Green Line - Kraft w/ Green Line - Indigenous SeriesArt Series (colourful prints that charge every 2 months, come in mixed cartons) Do yourself and your customer a favour and make the switch to single wall biodegradable coffee cups today.  We also provide a free branding stamp that works well on the single wall cups if you are looking for a low cost option for some easy, extra marketing and exposure for your business.