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  • Sauce Cups

  • Our biodegradable sauce cups will make a great addition to your takeaway packaging. Available in both clear bioplastic as well as white or natural coloured BioCane with clear plastic lids. We offer sugarcane pulp and bioplastic sauce and sample cups.

  • Our sugarcane cups are tree-free (made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp) and home compostable. Our PLA bioplastic is compostable in a commercial facility. Suitable for in-house service as well but ideally intended for takeaway service. They travel well and are perfect for food delivery services like UberEats, DeliverRoo, MenuLog etc

  • The BioCane biodegradable sauce cups are 60ml and come with a clear round PET lid. The PLA / bioplastic sauce cups are available in 30ml (no lid), 60ml, 90ml and 140ml to suit condiment servings of any size. The larger sizes also provide a great opportunity to offer different sizes of takeaway sauces rather than the typical options.

  • Make the switch today and try our BioCane and BioPlastic biodegradable sauce containers. Your customers will appreciate your choice and the planet will too.

  • Samples available for you to try anytime, just let us know which options you are interested in and we'll send some out to you. Be environmentally friendly while getting saucy.