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Planet Friendly Packaging provides simple and cost effective biodegradable and compostable take away food and beverage packaging. All of the eco-friendly packaging solutions that we offer are designed to help you and your business benefit from cost reduction, customer and market appreciation, as well as a healthier and happier workplace.

Here at Planet Friendly Packaging, we have a large selection of compostable packaging options for all hospitality and takeaway food and beverage businesses.

Distributing the BioPak range, we offer a wide variety of biodegradable packaging to provide your customers with an easy source of eco-friendly takeaway packaging for their meals and drinks. We also offer a compostable sugarcane range of products that are able to be put in home compost bins.

As a BioPak shop, we distribute the extensive BioPak range of biodegradable and compostable packaging. BioPak are industry leaders in sustainable packaging design and manufacture locally in Australia as well as overseas. Using predominantly responsibly sourced, rapidly renewable resources to create environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic disposable packaging.

Our BioPak shop offers everything from:



Visit our BioPak shop page to view the full list of biodegradable products and product categories available for your business. There is no shortage of compostable packaging that will leave your business seeking alternative options.

Are biodegradable coffee cups good for the environment?

Biodegradable coffee cups are better for the environment in comparison to the regular disposable coffee cup. Biodegradable cups have a PLA or polylactic acid lining which degrades, in commercially compostable conditions.