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100% Bioplastic Cutlery

The 100 percent biodegradable bioplastic cutlery products are a great option for plastic free cutlery.  They look and feel like conventional plastic, so your customers won't even notice the difference.  If you're not quite ready to go for the wooden cutlery options for whatever reason this range provides the next best thing. They are heat resistant and sturdy, ready for service with any of your menu items hot or cold. Multiple size options are available eco suit any application including; 6 inch, 6.5 inch.  You will find the following cutlery options available in the 100 percent bioplastic range: 100 percent bioplastic - 4" teaspoon and spork.  5" stirrer, 6" knife, fork, spoon, spork and 6.5" knife, fork and spoon.  Knife, fork and napkin packs also available with or with our salt and pepper sachets. All of our cutlery options have a smaller carbon footprint than the plastic alternatives because they are made from plants rather than oil.  They utilise rapidly renewable materials and when composted contribute to the circular economy by closing the loop.  Make the switch today and help combat plastic pollution. Show your customers that you care about the environment and are committed to reducing plastic use in your business by switching to our biodegradable bioplastic cutlery.