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  • Wooden Cutlery and Chopsticks

  • BioPak's wooden cutlery & chopsticks are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cutlery option we have available. They are made from FSC® certified Birchwood, are home compostable and will biodegrade without harming or polluting the environment. They are heat resistant and sturdy, ready for service with any of your menu items, hot or cold.

  • Wooden cutlery - 4" teaspoon6" knifeforkspoon and spork, chopsticks, two different sized wooden stirrers and a knife, fork and napkin pack. All of our cutlery options have a smaller carbon footprint than the plastic alternatives because they are made from plants rather than oil. They utilise rapidly renewable materials and when composted contribute to the circular economy by closing the loop.

  • Make the switch today and help combat plastic pollution.