Why We Are a BioPak Shop

As a BioPak shop, we distribute the extensive BioPak range of compostable packaging. BioPak are industry leaders in sustainable packaging design and manufacture in Australia.

Using predominantly responsibly sourced, rapidly renewable resources to create environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic disposable packaging.

Our BioPak shop offers everything from:

  • biodegradable coffee cups – Our BioPak cups come in a range of colurs and sizes, including Kraft stripe, leaf cups, plain white, art series and green line. Also available with cup lids and takeaway trays.
  •  takeaway food containers – Eco Friendly containers for all hospitality/cafe needs; paper and plastic bowls and lids, sugrcane shells, chip and sauce cups, noodle boxes, sushi trays, sandwich wedges and a variety of containers.
  • Bioplastic cutlery – 100& and 70& bioplastic options, as well as compostable wooden options.
  • Biodegradable straws – Straw options include regular, cocktail and jumbo options.
  • clear cups – A variety of clear BioCup options for cold drinks.
  • biodegradable napkins – Cocktail, lunch and dinner napkins, plus dispensers.

to suit the takeaway needs of any hospitality/food service business within Australia.

More About BioPak

BioPak are a certified B Corporation which means they are obligated to preserve and protect the environment as well as giving back to the communities in which they operate.

BioPak donate a percentage of our profits to environmental restoration initiatives and community programs that promote environmental sustainability, economic development and self-sufficiency.

1% of profits go to the Rainforest Rescue to plant trees restore and preserve rainforests. 2.5% go towards carbon offsets through the Carbon Reduction Institute totalling over 99,773 tonnes since 2010.  4% are contributed to local charity events and organisations to combine for an impressive total of 7.5% of profits being redirected back into environmental protection and the supporting communities.

Planet Friendly Packaging also recently started planting a tree for every order we receive with Carbon Neutral to help offset our own business related emissions and will continue to do so as long as we operate.  So far we have planted over 1,600 and that number is climbing fast.